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Grass is everywhere in modern towns, cities and villages – it is practical, cheap, soft and green in every respect. Parks, sports fields, road-sides and school grounds all need cutting to keep the environment safe, smart and usable. Fieldmaster has a proud history of supplying the Southern Hemisphere with some of the world’s finest equipment for mowing and now offers specialist products for airports and race courses as well as smooth-cut mowers for sports fields and parks, and rough-cut mowers for road verges and wilder areas.

The municipal world is changing. For too long the poor relation of the agricultural market, councils have had to buy machinery adapted from agricultural use, whether or not they need that level of ruggedness. Many municipal applications do not need a ton of steel to mow them, and the heavier tractor that requires, so Fieldmaster is leading the world in the application of composite technology. A carbon-fibre deck weighs a tenth of what a steel one does, and every 10hp less a tractor requires is a potential saving of $6-10,000 a year in fuel alone!