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Can we buy direct from Fieldmaster?

You can experience the same 'buy direct' satisfaction dealing with Fieldmaster.

Why? Because although Fieldmaster sell through a dealer network in New Zealand, this does not mean you cannot contact us direct. If you would like information, prices or a special feature, you can contact us and we are more than happy to discuss these with you.

Once we have arranged, or quoted what you require, we will then contact and liaise with the Fieldmaster dealer closest to you, or who you chose to deal with. This way, it ensures that you have a local support contact near to you in case you need any support - it will be close to hand! Also our support dealer in your area have the experience and can offer sound advice to ensure you really get what you need for the application or situation you are in.

Our support dealers can offer finance, delivery and 'set up' assistance - this makes the whole experience a lot easier for you.

Check out our Dealer Network to find your local Fieldmaster distributor

Where are Fieldmaster products manufactured?

Almost all of Fieldmaster's products are made in New Zealand, by New Zealanders, for New Zealand's conditions!

Fieldmaster have a very strict quality control program that ensures all components meet stringent and demanding quality levels, so if in some case a component is sourced or manufactured offshore, you can be assured it must still meet the same quality stands of all Fieldmaster's products.

Do Fieldmaster's prices include freight?

Fieldmaster machines are normally freight paid to the closest main centre truck depot to you, or to the dealer's yard. When you need an 'urgent delivery' Fieldmaster can rise to the occasion with access to the 'bullet service' that can deliver in some cases an overnight service almost all over the country. If there are any freight charges, they would only be applied if your request was outside our normal delivery terms.

Our freight is tracked 'on line' so that we can trace at any time the delivery status of your order.

Spare parts - freight is charged at very reasonable prices offering an overnight service to almost all towns in NZ. Saturday and rural delivery of spare parts is also available.

What are the Fieldmaster payment terms?

Fieldmaster's dealers normally require payment upon delivery of the item when purchased. However if you require spread out time payment, credit terms, or hire purchase - we can arrange this with your dealer. Payment by credit card is acceptable, as well as Internet banking and direct deposit.

Tell me about the design of the Fieldmaster range.

Much time and money is invested in Fieldmaster's research, development and design to deliver a machine that is user friendly, easy to operate and an investment for the owner.

Fieldmaster products have a 'state of the art' and comprehensive design beginnings, With up-to-date 'Solid works' computer modeled 3D design. We are able to create modern, structurally tested and well designed machinery to last the test of time and punishment that is required. This all means that not only can you be assured that the machinery is well designed, it is also designed to be made efficiently and cost effectively to meet today environment - all without wasting or using material that is not needed!

Do Fieldmaster offer demonstrations of their products?

Fieldmaster love to show you what our machines can do on your farm! If you're in the 'market to buy' Fieldmaster can arrange to have a Fieldmaster dealer provide you with a no obligation demonstration to show how we can provide the solution you need.

Some smaller machines in the 'lifestyle range' (normally under the value of $2000) machines are priced competitively in such a way that they are on a 'cash and carry' basis - some dealers may charge a small fee if you require us to deliver or set these up on your property.

What are the product delivery times?

If the machine you chose is not in stock either at a dealer near you or from Fieldmaster's warehouse, it is unlikely that it cannot be supplied within 5-10 working days. Fieldmaster run a very efficient 'lean' manufacturing system which ensures that we can quickly assemble a machine that may not be ex-stock very quickly

What about a special order? No problem! Most of Filedmaster's machines are designed and built on a modular component system so it allows for special requests or custom build orders to be easily managed to ensure you get exactly what you want without long delays.

Do Fieldmaster offer lease options?

Yes, on larger value items ($8,000 or more) Fieldmaster are happy to offer a rental / lease option. Please contact us for more information on this.

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