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Fieldmaster Dealer Network

Can we buy direct from Fieldmaster?

You can experience the same 'buy direct' satisfaction dealing with Fieldmaster.

Why? Because although Fieldmaster sell through a dealer network in New Zealand, this does not mean you cannot contact us direct. If you would like information, prices or a special feature, you can contact us and we are more than happy to discuss these with you.

Once we have arranged, or quoted what you require, we will then contact and liaise with the Fieldmaster dealer closest to you, or who you chose to deal with. This way, it ensures that you have a local support contact near to you in case you need any support - it will be close to hand! Also our support dealer in your area have the experience and can offer sound advice to ensure you really get what you need for the application or situation you are in.

Our support dealers can offer finance, delivery and 'set up' assistance - this makes the whole experience a lot easier for you.