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GMX Roadside Mower (40-100hp)

The rotary revolution in roadside vegetation management

In response to customer demands for a rotary solution that will outperform vertical flailmowers on safety, speed and efficiency Fieldmaster has developed a custom designed verge mower – the GMX Series R.A.M. (Roadside Approved Mower) which under comprehensive field testing supervised by road safety authorities came out clearly in front on all counts. Front mount option available.

Rotary Roadside/Verge Mower (2 rotor). Heavy commercial grade twin / bi-level mulching blades, double-row chain and PVC guarding to meet roadside safety criteria. Full width rear ‘Mega’ roller. LHS offsettable Cat II linkage suits tractors 40-100hp.

EURO GMX 200 2.0m Roadside Mower 17900
8 Hardfaced ‘tungsten’ mulch blades fitted 400
H.D. Anti-scalping saucers fitted (2 rotors) 790
Heavy duty friction-slip clutch 690
Extra heavy duty carriers 1895 pair