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Hydraulic Rock Spike Extractor & Pilot Auger Kit

Factory fitted rock spike and auger accessory kits are custom designed for ease of operation on Forté postdrivers.

HYDRASPIKE Hydraulic Rock Spike Extractor kit for Fencer & Forté models c/w extractor ram, hoses & 40mm lifting plate, extra valve (excludes Rock Spike) 4900
Rock Spike ø 90mm c/w nylon cap 1040
Rock Spike ø 120mm c/w nylon cap 1220
HYDRAULIC PILOT AUGER KIT Comes with hydraulic motor & hoses, extra valve slice. This kit can be used as a Rock Spike Extractor (above) by removing the hydraulic motor. - add Auger/s as below 5490
MANUAL PILOT AUGER KIT Swings onto and attaches under hammer weight, and is lifted and lowered with the hammer weight. Kit is supplied c/w motor & hoses. Add Auger/s as below 2950
Auger ø 100mm (4”) 700
Auger ø 150mm (6”) 750
Single Valve Bank (Retro-Fit) c/w hoses 680
Double valve bank (Retro-fit) c/w noses 880