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MF Disc Ploughs

The original well proven Massey Fergusson designed disc plough. This form of ploughing is suited to a wide range of soil types including peat and sandy country. Ideal for ploughing crop residue and stubble back in after harvesting. Fieldmasters unique MF Disc ploughs are easy on horse power and great for the soil because they make a finer cut and give better aeration than a conventional plough. Large 66cm heavy duty discs equally spaced at 53cm will work to a depth of 25cm.

No Discs Length Wide Weight Price
MDP 2 2 1155mm 660mm 310kg 3990
MDP 3 3 2130mm 660mm 400kg 5290
MDP 4 4 2520mm 1320mm 470kg 7290
MDP 5 5 2910mm 1650mm 540kg 8650
MDP 6 6 3200mm 1980mm 610kg 9750