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MX Single Rotor Vineyard Mower

Heavy duty specialised vineyard mower compliments the XHD series. The MX range have the extra H.D commercial grade deck and H.D headstock. Adjustable skids with H.D wear shoes, 4 flails. Rear discharge and floating top link.

MX40 (3’) Vineyard mower c/w skids 6400
MX50 (4’) Vineyard mower c/w skids 6700
MX60 (5’) Vineyard mower c/w skids 7400
MX70 (6’) Vineyard mower c/w skids 8200
Rear Mega Roller kit for MX 1500
1 pair HD castoring wheels kit (front or rear) 2200
Side panels in lieu of skids 0
Side discharge skid (LH) in lieu of std skid 790
Mulch kit fitted to MX models (incl blades) 1150
Mechanical clutch 585