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Fieldmaster is the New Zealand agent for the world-beating Reform range of machinery. Based in Austria, Reform is a family business with a history that spans 103 years and which employs 400 staff as well as some very impressive automated machinery.

Reform’s background is in vehicles which are designed for Alpine agriculture, but their lightweight, rugged design makes them ideal for a variety of uses in New Zealand for which the traditional heavy tractor is unsuited. For instance, the Reform tractor used at Auckland Airport exerts less pressure on the ground than a man – and with its dual tyres can go places where a person or any other vehicle would sink – see the picture below! Heavy damaging ruts are a thing of the past, too and its low centre of gravity means that working on slopes presents no problem – the test track at the factory in Wels is at 60% (thirty degrees) and every machine has to pass!

If you want

  • Low weight
  • High speed
  • Superb hydraulics
  • Great driving conditions
  • To be able to go anywhere

Then talk to Fieldmaster about Reform’s Metrac tractors and Muli trucks.

What makes Reform tractors so good? Fieldmaster have been to their factory and seen the machines and their components being made there – and they do things properly. They are:

  • Built by Europeans with European components
  • Built for any conditions
  • Built to last
  • Built for the driver
  • Built without compromise
  • Built for a wide range of tasks