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Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Warranty Terms

  1. All Fieldmaster machinery is covered by a comprehensive warranty against faulty materials and workmanship provided that:- (i) The machine is operated in normal use, (ii) The machine is correctly serviced and maintained, (iii) The machine is worked within its stated capacity (ie. Horsepower limit and PTO speed), (iv) The machine is not subjected to any modifications or damage from improper use, (v) Fieldmaster is in receipt of duly signed pre-delivery and installation certificate.
  2. The term of warranty shall be 12 months from date of installation except machines sold to the Hire Industry shall be void of warranty.
  3. The following items are not covered by Fieldmaster warranty:- (i) power take-off shafts and clutches, (ii) blades, tynes, flails, knives, tyres, belts etc, (iii) freight costs, (iv) loss of income from the machine due to a warranty fault, (v)use of non genuine parts.

Warranty Procedure

In the event of a product failure please proceed as follows:

  1. Phone Fieldmaster on (09) 237 1500 and discuss the problem with the customer services team. The will advise how to carry out the repair in the quickest, most effective and efficient way.
  2. Advise Fieldmaster during this phone call is there is any labour cost involved in the repair work. Fieldmaster will authorise the pre-allocated labour allowance for the repair and a warranty claim number.
  3. Fieldmaster will despatch, if needed, any parts to carry out the repair work and may be invoiced and charged to the dealer.
  4. Once parts are received, parts will be assessed and if the claim is accepted it will be credited to your account.