Fieldmaster Ag has a proud history of supplying the finest mowing equipment to the world since 1955 and is committed to continuing to be New Zealand made. Through our brand partners we now offer specialist products such as rotary hoes, fertilizer spreaders, power harrows, drum mulchers and hay mowers for horticultural, agricultural and viticulture applications.


Fieldmaster continues to remain at the forefront of innovation with mowing technology whether it be carbon fiber decks, hydraulic cutter heads on a wide area mower or market leading narrow post driver side-shifts. Whatever your agricultural, horticultural, viticultural or municipal requirements are Fieldmaster is able to offer you a solution.

Featured products

Sabre Slasher/Mower (18-40hp)

The Sabre range is available in two models: the 1200 and the 1500. They are ideal for small block and lifestyle properties. Like all Fieldmaster products, the Sabre range is built tough with quality components for years of service. Sabre slashers can easily be upspecced with enhanced features for cleaner finishing for the more discerning operator. Suitable for tractors to 18-40hp, the Sabre Range represents an economical, tough solution for cutting grass or topping overgrowth around the property.
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GMM Series Mulcher / Topper / Slasher

The GMM series is a multipurpose tractor mulcher, slasher and topper all in one. The GMM series of mowers are fitted standard with triple stack blades and front safety chains as standard, complete with European gearboxes and cam clutch on all two rotor models and quality imported gearboxes on all 3 spindle models ensures it is built tough with quality components for years of service. Available in 7 different widths this mower is suitable for tractors ranging in horsepower from 30-130HP. The GMM series is great for mulching grain, maize silage stubble, bull rushes, kikuyu, gorse, bracken and topping.
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Fieldmaster’s Fencer series of post drivers are New Zealand’s most popular post driver for beef and dairy farmers. An 8:1 rope-pulley configuration means the hammer falls faster allowing you to power through the job. The Tri-beam mast is 110% stronger than a standard UB section beam meaning you get longer life out of your farm equipment. Fitted with a 230kg hammer weight, top link, side tilt and main lift ram as standard. We also offer a huge range of options to fit rockspikes, augers, folding masts and hydraulic side shifts. The minimum required hydraulic oil flow for this machine is 18ltrs per minute.
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SFM-H Series Mulcher

The European designed COSMO SFM-H Series Mulchers have a gearbox rating up to 70hp. The gearbox has been fitted with a built-in freewheel which allows the rotor to slowly spin to a stop in the event that the PTO power is shut off while the PTO input is at speed. The tower of the SFM-H is hydraulically side shifting (up to 300mm), allowing the operator to shift the mulcher in and out to the side. This control is beneficial when mulching along fence lines or under tree branches and vines. The rear of the deck has a series of removable, height adjustable mulching rakes that hold large pruning's (up to Ø 50mm) in the cutting chamber for maximum mulching, which along with the high-speed rotor, four belt drive and hammer blades produce a high-quality cut finish in vineyards, orchards and pastures.
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UH Series Rotary Hoe

Gear-driven single-speed Cosmo UH Series Rotary Hoes are suitable for tractors 50 to 75hp. Ideal for rural and non-rural applications, from vineyards and orchards to landscaping, large garden operations and light commercial work, the UH Rotary Hoe is a professional rotary hoe at an affordable price. Engineered in Europe, the forward-action hoe features blades mounted in a speed configuration; blades staggered slightly from flange to flange. This design reduces horsepower requirements reduces the tractor horsepower required to till a high volume of soil in a wide range of soil types and conditions.
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TM Twin Belt Drive Pasture Toppers

The TM Series of rotary topper mowers are available in 3 widths. Wide open grass flow vanes allow for lush pasture to easily pass through coupled with our fine mowing ‘Gold Tip’ blades that provide a clean cut, adjustable skids, anti-scalping options and the option to have rollers fitted front and rear provide an easy to use customizable machine. A twin belt drive system coupled with deep groove pulleys ensure maximum power is delivered to the blades providing a great cut every time! Suitable for tractors rated 40-120HP.
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