3 Tine Rippers

Manufacturer: Cosmo
Three (3) Tine Rippers are engineered to fracture hard, compacted ground leaving it open and aerated. Land management is vital as hard, compacted ground is prone to standing water (puddles) that quickly evaporates in harsh climates. Equally, sloping ground has issues with water runoff. By opening up the ground you increase subsoil moisture and enable plants to grow deeper roots. The result is paddocks that take longer to dry out, keeping pastures greener for longer. In virgin ground these rippers can be used before a Rotary Hoe or Power Harrow; reducing horsepower requirements, minimising the load on the geared implement and decreasing the number of passes to prepare the soil. In secondary application, they can be used to break up the pan (compacted layer of soil geared implements create over time) increasing soil moisture and crop yields. The main frame is constructed from square tube, fully welded and reinforced. The linkage points are a double clevis slip in pin design. The three (3) height adjustable tines have a chamfered (pointed) leading edge, that leaves a cleaner rip line, without tearing up huge chunks of grass, and reduces horsepower requirements.


  • Chamfered (pointed) leading edge
  • Replaceable tips
  • 2 models avaliable 
  • Fully welded and reinforced double clevis linkage points
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Cat 1 linkage on small model
  • Cat 2 linkage on medium model