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Box Scrapers & Land Planes

SBX Box Scrapers/Blade

Box blades are a lot more effective than just a standard scraper/grader blade as the 'boxed in' sides allow for better control and retention of the cut material. Only in recent years are New Zealanders beginning to realise the advantages of these blades! Heavy duty box scrapers with removable and adjustable front scarifiers for leveling, finish grading and backfilling.
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Land Planes

The Glaber Land Plane is a versatile implement that is ideal for a variety of jobs, from scarifying and levelling gravel driveways, dirt roads, construction and turf sites to cleaning and reconditioning barns, chicken coups and arenas. The Land Plane’s two grading blades are height adjustable and can be reversed and replaced for longevity. Both sides of the main box frame have a bolt-on, replaceable skid runner. Skids have tapered leading and trailing edges to ensure the land plane effortlessly passes over any uneven ground at a consistent level Tines are also height adjustable depending on the amount of scarifying and levelling required. Compared to traditional Grader Blades, Land Planes are extremely user-friendly implements.
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