Custom Mowers

Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
Fieldmaster prides itself on being at the forefront of mowing technology. We offer specialist products for airports, councils, government bodies, golf courses and race courses as well as smooth-cut mowers for sports fields and parks.

The mower featured was specifically designed for a customer in Christchurch, New Zealand for mowing wide areas. Capable of mowing up to speeds of 15-20kph!

The customer was operating two tractor and mower units, coupled with their input and our expertise we were able to design a hydraulically driven and folding 3.8m wide custom machine to be front mounted.

The hydraulically driven wings allowed the folding and operating of the wings and main deck independently, increasing its maneuverability in tight confined spaces and around obstacles such as trees. 

With their new machine they were able to move to using this one machine halving their running costs and getting the job done twice as quick!