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Pasture Harrow Rakes

The Glaber Pasture Harrow Rakes are linkage implements engineered to spread animal and organic matter. Harrow Rakes can also be used to rejuvenate outside arenas and lightly scarify ground, leaving shallow grooves to catch rain and increase moisture penetration. The frame is manufactured from tubular (3mm) steel, braced front to back, and incorporates a heavy-duty scraping edge. This design provides the Harrow Rakes with the strength to scalp large clumps of manure, clods of soil and coarse vegetation. With the large clumps broken, the heavy spiked net section slides over the contours of the ground, further reducing the size of the particles, stimulating growth and reducing the need for non-organic fertilizers. Glaber 2.0m Harrow Rakes are non-folding, rigid implements for tractors 15 - 30hp. All folding Pasture Harrow Rakes are designed to fold and fit through a 2.4m (8’) gate.
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