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RE Series Fertiliser Spreaders **Indent Only**

The COSMO RE-A Series Fertiliser Spreader is a double-disc spinner spreader capable of spreading a range of fertiliser (pilled or granular) over a width of up to 18m. It is a lightweight compact spreader that can be used in vineyards, orchards, and on pasture. The metal hopper has twin openings (one for each disc) that are independently hydraulically operated via a double-acting ram. This allows the operator to hydraulically control the machine to spread on one side (left or right) or full coverage (left and right). The rear shield and spinner discs are made from Stainless Steel. The COSMO RE-A Series is available with an optional twin side discharge attachment. This attachment limits the discharge of material into bands directly on or under the plants, and is very popular with growers looking to spread material accurately onto plants and reduce their operating and material costs.
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PL Series Fertiliser Spreader

The COSMO PL Series Fertiliser Spreaders offer a simple and effective solution to spreading a range of fertilisers (pilled, granular or powdered) and seed between 6 and 14m. The heavy duty PVC hopper is UV stabilised, will not rust, is less likely to suffer from dints and scratches and is durable. The smooth interior finish of the hopper ensures fertiliser slides down the hopper evenly to the exits. The twin lateral (side) exits provide the operator with left, right or full coverage spreading and also ensures uniformed spreading as the material drops straight onto the Stainless Steel six (6) vane spinner disc.
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