Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
The Hydra-Borer is a hydraulically driven post hole borer designed to be front mounted on a tractors bucket. This enables greater maneuverability and allows for a more versatile machine. The minimum required flow rate for this unit is 45-90 litres a minute. Increase productivity with these bolt-on hydraulic diggers. Mounts to side of any loader bucket allowing the operator an unobstructed view of the task at hand. Counter weights assure the digger maintains its vertical position while the loader provides the down force for reliable digging.


  • Post hole borer (excl. Auger)
  • Hydraulic motor
  • 6m hoses
  • Q.R.C.S
  • Bracket for mounting to front end loader bucket or similar
  • Flow rate requirements 10-20 gallons (45-90L) per minute at 1500-3000 psi