VC60R Wood Chipper

Hydraulically driven fed the VC60R wood chipper is great for cleaning up hedge trimmings, garden waste and pruning's. Able to chip up to 150mm branches in diameter with 12" blades and a 360 degree swivel chute it makes light work of those big jobs. Suitable for tractors ranging 50-80HP.
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SBX Box Scrapers/Blade

Box blades are a lot more effective than just a standard scraper/grader blade as the 'boxed in' sides allow for better control and retention of the cut material. Only in recent years are New Zealanders beginning to realise the advantages of these blades! Heavy duty box scrapers with removable and adjustable front scarifiers for leveling, finish grading and backfilling.
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Grader Blades

From the Lighter Standard Duty 60" blade for simple grading jobs all the way up to the Heavy Duty for your toughest jobs. The design allows for a range of operations including creating and maintaining small tracks and rebreaks on smallholding farms. Available in 3 models.
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Towed Drag Harrows

Ideal for the ATV/SUV user, for manure spreading, harrowing/ aerating, break feeding, leveling sand tracks/arenas and much more. Quick and easy hitch system allows the operator to quickly hitch and unhitch the unit.
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VC40 Wood Chipper

The VC40 series of wood chipper is ideal for tractors rated 15-40HP. Great for chipping branches up to 100mm in diameter. Easy to use and simple to operate the VC40 wood chipper makes removing waste wood easy and simple to do.
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