GMT Gear Drive Pasture Topper

Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
The GMT series is a gear driven topper mower designed and made here in New Zealand. The GMT series of mowers are fitted standard with our ‘Gold Tip’ mowing blades designed to give a clean finish, similar to a hay mower. Front rubber safety guard ensures the tractor and operator are protected from any discharged material out of the front of the machine. Complete with a high quality European driveshaft ensures it is built tough with quality components for years of service. Available in 4 different widths this mower is suitable for tractors ranging in horsepower from 30-110HP.

A rugged All Gear Drive pasture topper.


  • Fitted with "Gold-Tip" Blades
  • A front PVC saftey skirt
  • High-clearance adjustable topping skids
  • Floating top link
  • Cat II