GMX Roadside Mower (40-100hp)

Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
The Fieldmaster GMX Series of rotary tractor mower is designed specifically to mow roadsides. Rotary mowers are usually excluded from such applications as the discharge of cut material is a safety hazard to passing road users. The Fieldmaster GMX has been approved by road safety authorities as a R.A.M (Roadside Approved Mower) status. A high standard approach was adopted in regards to the safety required around the guarding and operation on the mower, chains, rubber guarding rollers and internal vanes ensure cut material and foreign objects such as rocks remain within the mowers footprint. A clear advantage to the GMX over its flail mower cousins is its ability to be used on lower horsepower tractors which means less diesel consumption, less maintenance cost and the ability to mow faster meaning the job gets done quicker!


 • Comprehensive testing by road safety authorities

• Front-mount options available

• 2-rotor mower • Fitted with triple stack mulching blades

• Double row chain and PVC guarding for roadside safety

• Full-width rear Mega-roller

• LHS offsettable Cat II linkage - suits tractors 40-100hp

• Fitted with European gearbox, driveline and clutch

• Overlapping twin rotor cutting system with bi-level spring steel blades for consistent mowing at high speed PLUS the ability to handle roadside obstacles

• Discharge of all mowing material is contained within the mower body footprint

• Rotary blade configuration plus direct power transmission means reduced mowing time, lower maintenance costs, and lower fuel costs

• Out performs flail mowers on safety, speed, and efficiency