HD Series Slasher (60-100hp)

Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
The HD Series of rotary tractor mower is available in two models the HD60 and HD70. Suitable for tractors ranging in horsepower from 60-100HP. Built tough with a twin laminate 6mm thick deck, front chain guards, adjustable skids and 10mm thick heavy duty axe flails enables the HD series to tackle thick scrub and gorse without trouble! A range of optional extras ensures you receive a tailored machine to suit your specific needs.


• 60-100hp tractors; Cat II

• Adjustable skids

• Floating top link

• Stepped axe flail

• Heavy duty laminated twin 6mm deck

• PTO driveshaft • Front chain guards

• Monocoque chassis construction

• For cutting up to 50mm (2’’) scrub

• 1 year warranty