Jumbo Slasher (80 – 250hp)

Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
The Jumbo series of heavy duty slasher is rated for tractors in the 80-250HP range. Largely unchanged for years this is the machine that has broken in the vast majority of agricultural land in New Zealand! A 1000RPM heavy duty gearbox provides power to a 16mm flail plate in conjunction with 4x 16mm thick hardened spring steel blades provide an unparalleled amount of hitting force destroying anything in its path! Turning once unusable land into productive profitable land!


• 80-250hp tractors; Cat II
• Slasher/brush cutter
• Stepped axe flail
• HD circular 16mm flail plate
• 4 x 16mm HD axe flails
• HD PTO driveshaft
• 10mm plate deck
• 100rpm gearbox
• Heavy guage linkage and deck fabrications with integral
bracing and double panels provide a rugged and robust
platform for scrub slashing
• Extra high skids and extended length gearbox provides
‘throat clearance’ for large diameter mulching
• Super Ag Series gearboxes with upsized (1-3/4’’) 20 spline
input shafts are driven through 8 series
• PTO drivelines to handle power demands of large tractors.
• Jumbo blades are flame-cut and precision-milled from
Bisalloy 400 High Strength plate for long lifespan in
continuously heavy conditions
• 1 year warranty