PMM Minipark Mower

Manufacturer: Fieldmaster
The PMM Series of parks mowers are available in 2 widths ideal for maintaining large lawns, parks, sport fields, school grounds and even airports! Fitted with our fine mowing ‘Gold Tip’ blades provides a clean cut, adjustable skids and the option to have rollers fitted front and rear. A single belt drive system coupled with deep groove pulleys and HD spindles ensure maximum power is delivered to the blades providing a great cut every time! The little brother to the PM series is suitable for tractors rated 30-50HP.


  • Rear and/or front roller
  • Fitted with “Gold Tip” Blades
  • 3 HD spindles
  • Screw adjustable cut-height settings
  • Full under body grass flow vanes for even grass discharge
  • Floating top link and PTO driveshaft
  • Weight matched for smaller horsepower, compact tractors
  • Suits compact tractors 30-50hp
  • Low profile with single or twin roller options
  • Maintain a beautiful rolled lawn finish - full width rollers will ‘stripe finish’ lawns
  • 1 year warranty