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Rotary Hoes

UL Series Rotary Hoe

The European designed, COSMO UL Series Rotary Hoes are gear driven implements for compact and sub-compact tractors up to 40hp (max.). Engineered in Europe to till soil in nurseries, vineyards, orchards and hobby farms, they are ideal for owner operators. This forward-action rotary hoe features blades mounted in a speed configuration; blades staggered slightly from flange to flange. This design reduces horsepower requirements allowing the six blades to work the soil with a smoother result.
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UM Series Rotary Hoe

The European designed COSMO Bully UM Series Rotary Hoes are a single speed, side gear driven implement specifically for tractors in the 35 to 50hp range. Engineered to include multiple features and accessories traditionally found in much larger rotary hoes, the UM Series is suitable for use in nurseries, vineyards and orchards. The rotor features six (6) C shaped, heat treated blades (per flange) in a speed configuration. The speed configuration, a design where the blades are slightly staggered from flange to flange, reduces the horsepower required to produce a fine finish in a variety of soil conditions.
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