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Single Rotor Vineyard & Orchard Mowers

MX Series Single Rotor Vineyard Mower

Fieldmaster’s range of MX series mowers are a specially designed single rotor gear driven narrow vineyard mower. Available in 4 cutting widths ranging in size from 0.9m to 1.8m wide enable the machine to fit down small vineyard rows. A heavy duty construction ensures the small machine is not comprised due to its size and is able to cope with the tough conditions. A range of options including rollers, mulching kits and side discharge skids can also be fitted to the MX series ensuring you are able to customise the machine to suit your needs. Suitable for tractors 40-100HP
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QTV - Towed Vineyard Mower

The ATV vineyard mower has been designed and manufactured by the Fieldmaster team to handle common vineyard mid-row conditions. Developed in conjunction with Ara Wines in the Waihopai Valley in Marlborough that has an especially challenging mowing environment of long narrow rows and a rock strewn soil. Ideal for growing grapes but not so much for mowing!
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