UL Series Rotary Hoe

Manufacturer: Cosmo
The European designed, COSMO Bully UL Series Rotary Hoes are gear driven implements for compact and sub-compact tractors up to 40hp (max.). Engineered to till soil in nurseries, vineyards, orchards and hobby farms, they are ideal for owner operators. The rotor features six (6) C shaped, heat treated blades (per flange) in a speed configuration. The speed configuration, a design where the blades are slightly staggered from flange to flange, reduces the horsepower required to produce a fine finish in a variety of soil conditions.
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  • PTO Drivehaft
  • Friction clutch
  • Height adjustable 
  • 3 models available 
  • Optional 'speed blades'
  • CE Compliant 
  • Suitable for subcompact tractors up to 40HP
  • 1 year warranty