VH Series Rotary Hoe

Manufacturer: Cosmo
The European designed COSMO Bully VH Series Rotary Hoes have a multi speed gearbox that is rated 50 to 90hp. The main frame is a robust and rigid construction with box section reinforcing and the side gears are sealed via a gasket creating an oil bath. The COSMO Bully VH Series produces a super fine finish. The spring loaded tailgate keeps soil inside and in contact with the blades until it is well pulverised. The multi speed gearbox allows the operator to customise the rotor speed. The rotor design, Ø 521mm from blade to blade, allows a large amount of soil to be worked without clogging up the chamber. The speed blade configuration, a design where six (6) L shaped blades (per flange) are slightly staggered, reduces the tractor horsepower required. The COSMO Bully VH Series can operate all day, every day, in demanding soil conditions and is suitable for a range of commercial horticultural and gardening applications including nurseries, vineyards and orchards.


  • PTO Drivehaft
  • Friction clutch
  • Height adjustable 
  • 3 models available 
  • Optional 'speed blades'
  • CE Compliant 
  • 1 year warranty