KBLD Grader Blades

Manufacturer: Glaber
The KBLD Series of Grader Blades is the next generation design for grading and scraping in New Zealand. Engineered for tractors 15 to 35hp, the KLD Grader has a tapered main beam for superior strength, greaseable pivot points and a park stand for easy connection. Designed for maximum versatility with simple manual adjustments the operator can move material side to side, offset the blade to grade in hard-to-reach areas and tilt the blade to grade a camber into a slope or road to aid water runoff. The reinforced mouldboard's involuted design enables a more efficient and continuous cutting, mixing and rolling of material while the cutting edge is reversible to extend its lifespan.




  • 3-Position Moldboard Tilt
  • Easy Angle Adjustment
  • Category 1 Hitch
  • 3 Models avaliable 
  • 1 year warranty