Single Tine Rippers

Manufacturer: Cosmo
The Cosmo single tine rippers are strong, versatile implements that are ideal for a range of applications; disturbing rabbit warrens, breaking up and aerating compacted ground, planting tree lines and land management. They are extremely effective on sloping ground where water runoff is an issue. By carefully ripping along the contours of the land you can catch rain water, increasing subsoil moisture for greener pastures long into the drier months. The tine has a chamfered (pointed) leading edge, that leaves a cleaner rip line, without tearing up huge chunks of grass, and reduces horsepower requirements. The tine is fully welded and reinforced with double clevis slip in pin linkage points, making them one of the strongest rippers on the market.
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  • Chamfered (pointed) leading edge
  • Replaceable tips
  • Optional pipe laying attachments
  • 3 models avaliable 
  • Fully welded and reinforced double clevis linkage points
  • Cat 1 linkage
  • Cat 2 on HD Model